Bring Idaho Alive in Your Classroom

Bring Idaho Alive is a course designed to teach educators about the natural and cultural history of southeastern Idaho and to show them how they can use this information in their classrooms. On the second Wednesday of each month from January through May, educators will spend 2 hours with local natural and cultural history experts learning about topics ranging from weather in Idaho to plants, animals, geology, and people. For three days in June, students will get hands on experience with these topics as they take a walking tour through the historic district of Idaho Falls and Tautphaus Park, take a trip to the INL, and experiment with incorporating GIS technology into teaching and learning about Idaho's history.

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Course Goals:

  • Provide teachers with monthly scientist forums and related lesson ideas each month (attendance required) that increase their understanding of the natural and cultural history of Idaho.
  • Provide hands on experience with Idaho's natural and cultural history through the 3 day field experience (attendance required).
  • Increase the use of place based education in classrooms throughout Idaho so that learning becomes more fun and meaningful to students.
  • Increase the use (and availability) of meaningful technology in classrooms throughout Idaho.
  • Provide access and understanding of GIS/GPS technology and implement it into classrooms throughout Idaho.

Learner Outcomes

  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the natural and cultural history of Idaho and be able to pass that understanding on to their students
  • Participants will learn to use GIS/GPS technology, and be able to increase the use and effectiveness of place based education in their classrooms.
  • Participants will each write a lesson plan that incorporates something that they learned during the class into their instruction.
  • Participants will each produce a presentation detailing how they will use what they learned in their classrooms.

Credit Requirements

This is a two credit course (credits offered through Boise State University). Your fees will be paid by a grant awarded by the Idaho State Department of Education. In order to successfully complete this course and receive the credits, you will have to fulfill the below listed requirements.

  • You must have full and focused attendance at each session. Attendance cannot be made up.
  • You must create a presentation that provides ideas for classroom use of knowledge gained. This presentation will be due on the last day of class.
  • You must create a lesson plan that incorporates knowledge gained from the course. This lesson can be on any subject as long as it has a connection to Bring Idaho Alive.