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INL Species Lists

The following tables should not be considered a definitive list of the vertebrate species occurring on the INL. Although all of the abundant and common species should be included, some of the less commonly occurring species may have been missed. Not all habitats on the INL have been surveyed with the same intensity. Therefore, the number of vertebrate species observed on the INL is likely to increase as field efforts in some of the lesser studied habitats intensify.

Definition of terms used for seasonal used categories are:

  • Resident - occurs on the INL through the year
  • Migrant - occurs on the INL only during migration
  • Summer - occurs on the INL during summer
  • Winter - occurs on the INL during winter

Definition of terms used for abundance on the INL are:

  • Abundant - very numerous and certain to be seen or sampled
  • Common - likely to be observed or sampled
  • Uncommon - occurs in limited numbers and is not likely to be observed or sampled
  • Local - a species that is not always present or is restricted in distribution
  • Rare - a species that has the INL as part of its range, but occurs very infrequently
  • Accidental - a species that is not expected to be found in the INL area, but has been recorded

Vertebrates were classified according to the following habitats:

  • Aquatic - on or near water
  • Juniper foothills
  • Riparian zones
  • Sagebrush/grassland
  • Sitewide
  • Irrigated lawns near facilities
  • Agricultural areas

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