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Animal Sampling

Game Animals

Selected tissues (muscle, liver and thyroid) are collected from game animals accidentally killed on INL Site roads. Thyroid samples from the sampled animals are analyzed by gamma spectrometry specifically for Iodine-131. Muscle and liver samples are processed and submitted for gamma spectrometry analysis.


Waterfowl samples are collected annually from the Advanced Test Reactor Complex on the INL Site to evaluate the potential for exposure to members of the public who might consume these game animals which frequent the waste ponds. Other facilities are sampled when waterfowl are observed there and there is access to the ponds. Control samples are also taken in areas distant from the INL Site. Waterfowl samples are analyzed by gamma spectrometry. Selected samples are also analyzed for strontium-90 and transuranic radionuclides.

If radionuclides are detected in animal tissues, the potential dose to a person who might consume the animal is calculated. In addition, the dose to the animal is calculated using RESRAD-BIOTA software (see Biota Dose Assessment for the INL Site.

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